Enlightened Recap: Monkey Men

Near the end of this episode, Amy is in Tyler’s car, talking about herself again. "Are you looking for something that’s missing?" she asks herself out loud, wondering why she’d gone over to Levi’s house in the middle of the night at the beginning of the episode. She’s trying to explain to Tyler that she rejected his unexpected and awkward late-night advances at Cogentiva the day before partly because she’s still not over her ex. But then, in a pivotal line, she asks, "Why does something always have to be missing?"

Something is technically not present — romantic love — but is it really "missing"? In this episode, Amy challenges herself to stop thinking of voids, to appreciate what does exist, to appreciate it so much that there is no real room for anything else. She had been doing this anyway. What set her temporarily off course was a prescient bad dream about searching for Levi in her mother’s house during a party attended by almost everyone she knows. After the dream, she calls Levi and goes over to his house, she’s "always welcome" there, but all they do is cuddle. Perhaps that’s the end of that. But then the next day, talking to Krista about setting up Dougie with someone, to get Dougie off her back, Krista suggests that it’s Amy who needs to be set up. Amy is miffed. "Don’t you want some love in your life?" Krista asks. "Don’t I have love in my life?" Amy responds. "I don’t know, do you?" Read More...



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