2 Broke Girls Review: Lessons From a Mexican Nine-Hour Energy Drink

The holiday spirit was in full force in "And the Very Christmas Thanksgiving," and unsurprisingly Caroline played the Whoville enthusiast to Max's Grinch. It didn't top last week's excellent episode, but it was a good effort.

The Good. I must be sounding like a broken record by now, never failing to comment on the chemistry and rapport between Caroline and Max. They have set roles, yes. One is a never-ending bundle of cheer, the other full of doubts and witty sarcasm. When they deviate slightly from those set roles, like they did here, it's a testament to their acting and chemistry that they can pull it off well. Sure, it was slightly predictable that at some point Caroline's high spirits was gonna crash and burn. There were so many good moments between them, though, that I didn't really mind. Read More...



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