Sons of Anarchy 4.12 'Burnt and Purged Away' Review

The so-called ‘edgy’ dramas of the FX brand thrive week-to-week on cliffhanger endings. It’s how they get people hooked on their shows and keep them coming back anxiously to see what happens next. Tonight’s Sons of Anarchy offered one for the ages as a main character very possibly met the Reaper. I don’t mean someone like Piney either—think way bigger.

While this was the big episode-ending shocker, ‘Burned and Purged Away’ still had much to offer as tensions merely seemed as though they were settling down from the action of the past few weeks. On the contrary, not only are the business dealings of the Sons hanging in the balance, but their personal relationships have almost all reached universal lows. One thing that’s great about this show is they tend to fulfill their promises. There was no backing down about Otto turning his back on his former club, and he had good reason to. Once Otto sat down with Bobby and had him read the list of offenses he had perpetrated in order to satisfy SAMCRO, well it became very easy to see how Otto’s decision was the right one. After he had given them so much it was time that as Otto himself put it, that Bobby for one 'start his own list.' Read More...


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