One Piece Season 10 Episode 384 Brook's Hard Struggle Recap

After reading a journal of the Straw Hat Pirates' adventures, Brook tries his hardest to help everyone so he can be up to their level. He helps out whenever he can. First he goes to help Sanji in the kitchen, but drop the plates. Sanji catches them but has his hands full, so Brook offers that he help and wants to bring Nami a cup of tea, though Sanji wanted to do it himself. Then he brings it to Nami, but spilled tea over the map she's drawing. Then he goes to see Franky and Usopp who are building a weapon which runs on cola. He offers to help by filling cola in the weapon, but fills it with soy sauce instead, causing the weapon to explode. Chopper who's drying some plants in the sun finds his work ruined by the soy, Usopp and Franky's work is lost, Luffy is the only one who seems happy; he says that the soy brings more flavor to the meat he's eating. Finally, he goes to Zoro, but is only disturbing him in his mediation. In the end he speaks with Robin. She tells him that he should just be himself, and that he too will find he's as much a crew member as the others.

During a particularly calm night, Brook is on watch, manning the steering wheel while commenting how calm and quiet it is. He then begins to think about Laboon, and about his new companions, the Straw Hat Pirates. He recalls discovering a journal recounting the adventures and battles the Straw Hat Pirates have gone through. He vows that as long as he's their nakama, he will act appropriately. The next morning, Brook wakes everyone up by singing Black Handkerchief of Happiness, much to everyone's annoyance.

Later that morning, the Straw Hat Crew are all sitting in the dining room; Franky talks to Nami about the calm weather they've been having. Nami says the winds should pick up after a day, so Franky won't have to use his precious cola on the paddling system. Brook goes "Yoho" to this. Luffy compliments Sanji on the meat he's eating, saying Sanji's food is the best. Brook laughs again. Sanji offers Robin some more seafood, to which Robin accepts. Brook laughs for a third time, which grabs everyone's attention. Usopp and Roronoa Zoro ask if there's something wrong with him; Chopper replies by saying Brook had read their Voyage Journal. Brook goes on a monologue about how amazed he was with the Straw Hat Pirates' adventures; stopping a rebellion in the sand country of Arabasta, great adventures on Sky Island, though its existence was only considered legend, and becoming an enemy of the World Government at Water 7 (and Enies Lobby). Nami wonders what they'll write in the journal next, to which Chopper asks if they'll add Brook to in it. Brook slams the table, and announces that since he has become their nakama, he doesn't feel like he has been of any help. Nami replies to Brook with a bit of advice: You must never let your guard down during a meal. Brook assumed she meant an enemy attack during the meal, but he soon realized she meant watching his food so that Luffy doesn't steal it...which he did. Nevertheless, Brook promises to work himself to the bone so that he can be their true nakama as soon as possible, even though he's already bones.

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