'The X Factor' recap: A New Gratitude

Howdy, folks! Annie’s a little busy with the liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiive season finale of Dancing With the Stars, so I’ll be filling in for her tonight. During last week’s results show, the XBox was shaken to its very core when Lil’ Astro acted like an ungrateful snot. The X Factor’s logical next step? An episode themed around graciousness, of course. As Simon says, each contestant will "dedicate the song to somebody who’s made a difference in their lives and who they want to thank. BUT" -- and here’s the twist -- "it’s still a competition." Devious!

The X Factor Alien X bursts through Earth’s atmosphere, destroying everything in its wake, as we open on a jolly Steve Jones. (Or, as my roommate insists on calling him every single week, "Who?") Seems that the stakes are higher than ever this week -- on tonight's results show, two acts will get the boot. Maybe the season will end by Christmas after all. Also, as the episode progresses, we’re encouraged to tweet snarky things while using the hashtag #ohsnap. Guess #talktothehand and #doiiiii were otherwise occupied. Read More...



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