Naruto Shippuuden Season 4 Episode 146 Review: The Successor's Wish

Having arrived at the village, Hotaru parts with Naruto and his team. As Naruto heads back to the Tsuchigumo Clan village to check on Hotaru, Akaboshi and his group find Hotaru with the help of Hotaru's uncle. The Troops are one step ahead and threaten Hotaru to hand over the forbidden jutsu. Hotaru manages to escape but the ninja bandits surround her in the forest. Utakata comes to her aid and manages to take her and escape from the ninja bandits.

Akaboshi and his group are about to chase after them until their boss arrives and reveals to them that Utakata is in the Hidden Mist Village's Bingo Book for 50 million ryo. Utakata and Hotaru land in a secluded place where Hotaru shows him something on her body. Suddenly Kirigakure Hunter-nin attack Utakata and take Hotaru hostage. They detain Utakata with water style whips and also use electric jutsu to weaken him. They tell Hotaru that Utakata killed his former master. Naruto soon arrives with Yamato and Sai to their aid.

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