Kai Dragon Ball Kai Season 1 Episode 08 Review: Come Forth, Shenron!

Today I will be reviewing episode eight of Dragon Ball Kai. I thought it was pretty great, but I don't have much to say about it. To start things off, let me give the episode a rating of five stars!

I liked the pace of the episode a lot. I should consider that it contains material from only one Dragon Ball Z episode, though. I like how the series is going. It's only episode eight and the Saiyans have already arrive on Earth. I hope this arc finishes up around episode twenty, so we can get the home releases in sooner!!! I also liked the music in the episode. It really caught my attention this week. I just loved the music that was being played when the Saiyans arrived! Anyway, what else do I have to say? Oh yeah... I hated it how the episode was constantly showing "subtitles" during the episode. All I could read was "CD!"

Well, that's it. Thanks for viewing this week's review! I hope you enjoyed it and hope you continue to enjoy reading my other reviews that are yet to come! Bye'cha!

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