Revenge Sneak Peeks: Amanda Makes Herself Cozy in the Hamptons Tonight

It's so tough when Revenge goes on hiatus for a week, especially with some of the outcomes we saw in the previous episode and my desire for immediate resolutions.  The first big event two weeks ago was the fact that Amanda (born Emily Clarke) arrived in the Hamptons to tell Emily (born Amanda Clarke) that she had killed Frank to stop him from discovering the girls' switch.  Emily tried to clean up that mess as best she could, and that included sending Amanda to Paris.  But while Amanda left, she returned shortly thereafter.  Now it seems like she's going to be spending a lot of time cozying up to Jack.  But will he discover that her "name" is Amanda Clarke?  And if he does, how will he react to having his old Hamptons "friend" back in his life?

The other big events in the previous episodes revolved around the Grayson family.  Victoria has successfully managed to aliente her husband, her daughter and her son.  When Conrad moved into a hotel, Charlotte was deeply unhappy about having to remain home with her mother, who she has still not forgiven for her remark to her shrink in a previous episode.  Daniel was furious when he learned that Victoria called the police on Emily, convinced she had something to do with Frank's death.  Victoria will find herself increasingly alone in tonight's episode. Read More...


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