SONS OF ANARCHY “Burnt and Purged Away” Review

SONS OF ANARCHY "Burnt and Purged Away" Season 4 Episode 12 - Never let it be said thatSons of Anarchy does things by halves. The contents of this episode, from members of the club being detained, to Opie shooting Clay, are driving the series towards something – but what? If I didn’t know better I would think that the show is about to come to an end. It certainly feels like the end of a chapter. But the big question is whether Clay is going to make it to the final pages.

Juice and Bobby — Juice found himself being taken by ATF agents early on in the episode, after texting the details of the Irish meeting to Linc Potter and his people. Bobby was detained at the prison when he lost his shit after realising that Otto had ratted the club out. Will these guys get out for the next twoepisodes? How? Since both Juice and Bobby know that the law is coming for SAMCRO, it doesn’t seem all that likely that they would be allowed to go back to the club right now. Read More...


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