THE X FACTOR (US) “Top 9 Results” Episode 18 Review

THE X FACTOR (US) "Top 9 Results" Episode 18 – It pretty much went as scripted tonight. Appropriate and with very little surprise.

First off, it shocked no one that the producers would make Astro sweat it out, no matter what position he sat in, vote-wise. He gave them too much hell last week with the whole "politics" rant. You had to guess they’d kind of want to stick it to him a little.

And it shocked absolutely nobody that Lacoda Rayne went home. Not even Lacona Rain. They all basically just looked across and saw their competition was Drew and said, "Ah, $#!&!" I can only briefly mourn their ouster because I won’t have any reason to mention them any more, thereby robbing me of the fun that is the mangling of their nonsensical name.

One of the Lokotan’s said, rather boldly, "We’re staying together. You’re going to see more of us. We’re going to tour the world." Read More...


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