THE MIDDLE “Thanksgiving III” Season 3 Episode 10 Review

The Middle "Thanksgiving III" Season 3, Episode 10 – With Molly Shannon guest starring as "Auntie Fabulous" on The Middle, I was sure the Heck family Thanksgiving would not disappoint. Although I should have been struck by the passive aggressive rivalry between Frankie and her sister, I really could not get past the revelation that Frankie’s mother began cooking and freezing the holiday dinner back in July. Not only is that gross but it is equally problematic that Frankie’s mother just began the defrosting process on Thanksgiving morning. It came as no surprise when grandma announced that the defrosting process sucked the flavor out of the food. In true sitcom fashion, the Heck’s Thanksgiving has all the signs of a holiday disaster in the first three minutes of this episode.

Sue became a new member of the "blah blah sisterhood" and we learned way too much information when it was revealed that she not only started her period on September 21st, she sent out an e-mail announcement. That revelation still pales in comparison to the four-month old Thanksgiving dinner grandma has waiting in her freezer. Read More...


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