UP ALL NIGHT “Week Off” Review

UP ALL NIGHT "Week Off" Season 1 Episode 10 – When a pipe bursts and floods Ava’s production office, Regan gets an unexpected vacation and drives everyone crazy in "Week Off," this week’s episode of Up All Night.

Some people are worker bees. They are simply not happy unless they are doing something, rearrangingsomething. I’m fortunate enough not to be one of those people, but for Regan, having a whole week off means that she gets to fix all of the things about Chris’s housekeeping that have apparently been bugging her. Like his junk drawer and the way he folds Amy’s clothes.

This rightfully rubs Chris the wrong way. He gave up a great career as a powerful and successful attorney to stay at home with Amy; he needs to have one little part of his over which he still has control and having Regan take that away from him doesn’t settle well.

I’ve been growing steadily happier with Chris as a character; it’s nice to see a show where men can be caregivers and women can be providers and it doesn’t cause massive amounts of drama. He may not fold socks the way Regan would, but he’s still a man staying at home washing baby clothes. Notsomething you see unless it’s constantly being played for jokes. Read More...



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