'American Horror Story': Oh, Tate. No.


"American Horror Story" lets loose with another fantastic episode this week. Definitely an upper just in time for Thanksgiving.In the main plot, Hayden (the ghost) is determined to drive Vivien crazy so Ben will institutionalize her. She does a bang-up job - her and Tate, but we'll get to that in a second. By episode's end, Vivien has had a seemingly psychotic breakdown, shot Ben and is led off to be "evaluated." Hayden is sure she'll get to have Vivien's babies if Vivien is locked away.Tate. Oh, Tate. He turns out to be Rubber Man. So he's the father of at least one of Vivien's babies (I'm still not sure it won't turn out to be one is Tate's and one is Ben's). He is the one responsible for killing (and beating blood. And raping with a fireplace poker) Chad and Pat from six months prior to the Harmons moving in. He is also trying...



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