‘Modern Family,’ Season 3, Episode 9, ‘Punkin Chunkin’: TV Recap

Kenneth was an oddball kid who lived next door to Claire and Phil. And now 10 years later, Kenneth has made good. How good? Good enough that he’s in town to buy a blimp. And you know what? Kenneth said he’s a big success because his whole life, he has emulated Phil. I know, right?

We never get to see Phil as the hero. But Kenneth is a mini-Phil. He makes corny jokes. (Kenneth takes a phone call from "Paris, my assistant in London.") He and Phil even have a doofus secret "man shake" handshake. It involves bumping bare bellies. Don’t ask. "He’s me, and he’s spectacular," Phil whispers.

So if Kenneth became crazy rich and successful by emulating Phil, why isn’t the original Phil a jillionaire? He’s figured it out. Claire is holding him back by shooting down his creative, brilliant ideas. She and the whole Pritchett family are practical, always say no Dream Killers. What are some of those brilliant ideas of Phil’s? How about adult tricycles, a rice pudding franchise, the "Head Scratcher" (TM) chrome-dome massage gizmo to cure headaches. Dream-killer Claire just sighs. Read More...



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