Revenge Episode 9 Review: Amanda Drops a Bombsell in "Suspicion"

This episode of Revenge focused on two ladies - Amanda and Victoria - if only for some rather surprising or serious developments in their storylines. While they may not know it, I suspect their complicated lives will become very entwined after some revelations were exposed in this episode.

Amanda Embraces Her (Fake) Identity

It didn’t take Emily very long to learn that Amanda had decided to return to the Hamptons. A call from Nolan was all it took to get her down to Jack’s boat, where Emily had made herself quite at home. But promises of money and threats couldn’t convince Emily to leave. Not when, as she claimed, she wanted a home and friends. Well, she certainly made a friend in the form of Jack, who ended up going sailing with her, and the two shared a kiss. Another attempt by Nolan to intimidate Amanda into skipping down was met with refusal.

At the end of the episode, Amanda dropped a bombshell: despite calling herself "Kara" for most of the episode, she ended up telling Jack that she’s actually "Amanda Clarke". We know she’s only been playing Amanda for years, but this was shocking news for him. After all, he had just gotten his childhood friend back. He immediately took her to Emily’s house and told Emily that "Amanda Clarke" had returned to town. Now Emily has to stand by and watch an interloper pretend to be her, all the while getting chummy with a man she clearly has feelings for. Talk about throwing a wrench into Emily’s plans. I cannot wait until Victoria finds out that "Amanda" has returned to the Hamptons. She’s going to have a conniption. Read More...


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