American Horror Story Recap: More Butts, Less Butt Torture

American Horror Story may be the rare instance where graphic violence makes graphic sex seem ho-hum. I know, I saw that movie about the MPAA too, but for some reason, dead people hump each other raw in hand-to-god vinyl gimp suits and I'm all, "Zzzzz, somebody eat human brains, please." In this very sexual episode, we open a mere six months ago in flashback: Marcy and the movers are bringing in all the Harmons effects, I mean stuff, and poor Nora is not happy with the fact that another family is moving into Murder House. Somebody offscreen asks what he can do to help, and like all hysterical ladies, she wants a baby.

Out comes the gimp suit and here we are, way back in ep one, when Viv and SOMEBODY conceived the hoof baby while Ben was downstairs, naked and looking at the fire, which they totally could have showed again, you know, for continuity. If they wanted. Read More...


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