Up All Night Review: Junk Drawer

The latest installment from Up All Night, "Week Off," was anything but in terms of story line or entertainment.

Reagan calls the shots at Ava's show, but Chris is master of the house at home and was more tolerant than I would have expected, putting up with his wife's nitpicking. He did very well, though, to explain his right to keep things his way at home by having given up his law career to help raise Amy.

Heck, Everyone needs a junk drawer in their life, right? Chris and Reagan's sock fight was adorable and only made better by Ava's commentary.  

I was glad to see Kevin and his daughter, McKenna, back. It was interesting to see how Ava reverted to showing off her wealth when she found herself nervous around Kevin and his child. McKenna's personality went south, as well, as she was burdened by her upcoming performance. Ava revealed her most embarrassing performance ever and helped instill some much needed confidence in McKenna. She showed that rare ability to go from comedic to caring in an instant, not unlike Barney Stinson on How I Met You Mother.  Read More...



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