DEXTER “Get Gellar” Review

DEXTER "Get Gellar" Season 6 Episode 9 – One great perk of being a critic for this website is that we get to see screeners of some TV shows early. For instance, I’ve been able to see all of the episodes ofDexter this season at least a week and a half before the air date. This is great as it’s not only cool to see an episode before everybody else has, but it’s also helpful as it gives us enough time to write the review of the episodes so we can post them right after they air. Unfortunately, "Get Gellar" was the first installment of the season where the episode was not available before air date. This usually only happens when either the network doesn’t want any word getting out of a big finale or important episode, or if they aren’t very confident in the quality of the episode. Here’s hoping this is the case of the former.

We get right into Dexter "helping" Travis track down Gellar. You might argue that the best way to hunt down Gellar would be for Dex to turn him in and share all his evidence with Miami Metro, but whatever. Speaking of Miami Metro, they’re still plugging along the DDK case from their own angle, which involves a new lead in the form of a blog post from Gellar talking about Dexter being a false prophet. When Quinn doesn’t show up to the briefing, Batista goes looking for him and finds out that he left his gun and cell phone with a stripper he was with last night. In case you were thinking that Quinn’s downward spiral was going to resolve itself anytime soon, think again. Not only is he turning into one of the most unlikable characters on the show, but now he’s bringing Batista down with him. I was not a fan of Batista flashinghis gun to Louis last week, but now that he’s rolling around in the grass punching Quinn in front of a mom walking her kid he’s getting more and more frustrating. I’ve always liked Batista, so I’m not sure why they’re turning him into an overprotective crybaby. Read More...


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Aug 20, 2012 4:24PM EDT

The fact he bought the Arm means bad news and his obsession with Dexter means danger, hence why he is pursing Jaime Harrison's Nanny.Quinn's downward spiral is normal behavior if your heart was broken by someone like Deb the fact that she can't connect with men is her disability.Batista needs a good storyline of his own since the one with La Guirda is done. Yes Professor Geller was not real and crazy Travis killed his own sister.Does not bode well for Dexter in the end series I bet you Deb kills Dexter.

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