THE AMAZING RACE “Release the Brake” Review

THE AMAZING RACE "Release the Brake!" Season 19 Episode 10 – The second half of last week’s leg was continued on "Release the Brake!", one of the most exciting episodes of The Amazing Race on the season thus far. One of my biggest concerns after seeing that the scenes from last week featured zero shots of Bill and Cathi, I thought that they would be eliminated after arriving last to the pit stop. I guess that was a fake out from CBS, as they were given the next clue like everybody else and told to keep on racin’!

The road block at the Ford proving ground was pretty awesome. It was so much fun watching all the teams have such a good time, that I can forgive all the blatant product placement ("Driving the FordMustang is so amazing!") I was a bit disappointed with Andy and Tommy for their decision making process here, though. I get that Andy wanted to be a nice guy and give Tommy a fun challenge after he had such a hard time last week, but that makes zero sense. Andy obviously had a passion for driving, and would have probably been a stronger driver, but he wanted to give it to Tommy just because he sucked at the last challenge? It’s a game, get over it. The team member that’s best for the challengeshould perform it, period. Also, Tommy rubbing in Andy’s face about how cool the challenge was was a bit of a jerk move. Read More...


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