ONCE UPON A TIME “That Still Small Voice” Review

ONCE UPON A TIME "That Still Small Voice" Season 1 Episode 5 – Most kids my age or older learned what a conscience was from Jiminy Cricket. In "That Still Small Voice," Once Upon a Time shows us how a man became a cricket only to become a man again, all the while struggling with his own sense of right and wrong.

In Fairy Tale Land, Jiminy was a human, the son of two rather heartless con artists. Unable to breakaway from his parents, he went to Rumpelstiltskin and asked for a way to get rid of them. But the potion he was given ended up being used on a very nice couple his family conned; they are turned into wooden dolls, leaving behind their young son. Later on, we see the same dolls in Mr. Gold’s store in Storybrooke. Intriguing…

Racked with guilt, Jiminy asked the Blue Fairy to bring them back. She couldn’t, but she could set him free by turning him into a cricket and charging him with looking after the orphaned boy, Guipetto, for the rest of his days. Read More...



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