HELL ON WHEELS “Jamais Je Ne T’oublierai” Review

HELL ON WHEELS "Jamais Je Ne T’oublierai" Season 1 Episode 4 – This show makes a prettyinteresting case study for television which has all the factors to make a great show: beautiful, distinct setting; definite sense of history; forward momentum; a bunch of strong characters thrown into the mix – some of whom do get along, most of whom don’t, but all have self-interests at heart. And yet while the writers sometimes know how to write decent dialogue "She used her organ like a velvet hand on me tallywhacker," they more often than not get stuck in a rut of having all the characters sound the same with faux poetic speeches which become boring by the time you hit the sixth one, especially when they do nothing to advance the plot, the character, or to simply be entertaining.

But you can see, especially with this episode, how a show can change drastically from script to screen. At its core, our main character, Bohannon, spends much of this episode being incredibly stupid. He meets some random fellow outside a tent, accepts the man is who he says he is at face value, gallops off at an idiotic pace to chase after some fellow who rode northwards, finds this fellow and without even getting close enough to see if the guy is the one he’s looking for, begins shooting, getting his horse killed and returning to town only to get off his face on whiskey. When it started, this seemed like the poor man’s Clint Eastwood. But watching this episode, you can see where Bohannon is more like Matt Damon’s LaBoueff from 2010?s True Grit, with all of his false bravado and his bare competence as a survivalist. Yet the way Anson Mount is playing this character, you sense that his job as an actor is to keep his eyebrows as close to his nostrils as possible. There’s no joy or wit in the performance. Read More...



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