HUNG “A Monkey Named Simian / Frances Is Not A Fran” Review

HUNG "A Monkey Named Simian / Frances Is Not A Fran" Review Season 3 Episode 9 – As we open, Tanya (Jane Adams), mental once again, basically attacks Ray (Thomas Jane). It was yet another singular moment of utterly insane for the Hung character I dislike the most.

She was also towing around the young son and daughter of Charlie (Lennie James), and apparently bonding with them. (The "count to three" rule never worked for me. Maybe backed up with violence…)Probably not a good idea to bond with the kids of the guy that just left you in the lurch. But what can you do when you’re crazy Tanya Skagle and you’re living in the moment?

"A Monkey Named Simian / Frances Is Not A Fran" was written by Brett C. Leonard and Eileen Myers, and directed by Howard Deutsch, and it kind of … didn’t move the story forward much at all. One tiny revelation, and that was it, so I was a little disappointed. Of course it had it’s chuckle moments, but I came away wishing there’d been more . Read More...


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