BOARDWALK EMPIRE “Georgia Peaches” Review

BOARDWALK EMPIRE "Georgia Peaches" Season 2 Episode 10 – As this episode of BoardwalkEmpire came to a close, I wondered why I spent the entire first season of this show investing in thedevelopment of characters to now see them act as though they’ve all had complete frontal lobotomies.

To begin, I am extremely frustrated with Margaret Schroeder. Faced with the polio-induced paralysis of her daughter, Margaret has lost her mind and is a shell of the woman we’ve gotten to know since Season 1. I would be a little more understanding of her newly-found need for penance if this was the first major tragedy Margaret faced. We are well aware that Margaret is no stranger to suffering. She lost her first child in a miscarriage when she traveled to America. She married an abusive man who beat her so badly in front of her kids that she lost another child. Her brother wants nothing to do with her and as a result, has cut her off from her family. In sum, the woman knows pain. In the face of those tragedies, Margaretrevealed herself to be a level-headed survivor. She possessed a keen eye for bullshit and has been pragmatic in her choices, including the choice to date Nucky and save his butt on at least two occasions this season. In light of the development of this character so far, it is extremely difficult to now watch her fall prey to a priest who engages in passive aggressive judgment despite his own vices. The Margaret I thought I knew would have seen through this. I really believed that her practical sensibilities would prevail over any conflict or guilt she feels about her relationship with Nucky and the spoils that have accompanied that courtship. Read More...


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