'Once Upon a Time': Archie finds his conscience


In the latest "Once Upon a Time," we find out how Jiminy became a cricket and Archie stands up to the Mayor.In Fairytale Land, Archie is Jiminy, a pick-pocket who runs scams with his parents. He yearns to break free and be someone good, so he takes a magic potion from Rumpelstiltskin. But his father takes the potion on the sly and then sells it to some unwitting folks. It turns them into creepy wooden dolls, orphaning their son. That night, Jiminy wishes upon a star and the Blue Fairy appears, telling him she cannot bring the boy's parents back. But she does offer for Jiminy to help the little boy and turns him into a cricket. The little boy, obviously, is Geppetto.In Storybrooke, a sinkhole opens up and Henry is convinced it has to do with Fairytale Land. Meanwhile, the Mayor puts the pressure on Archie to get rid of Henry's delusions ("You take...



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