The Walking Dead 2.07 "Pretty Much Dead Already" Review

Criticism of The Walking Dead's pacing has certainly been in no short supply since the show's second season premiered. I've even been one of those critics -- in my review of last week's "Secrets," I pointed out how frustrated I was that The Walking Dead was still using the search for Sophia to motivate plotlines. And, though it was obviously filmed long before the internet cynicism started to buzz, "Pretty Much Dead Already" felt like the perfect answer to that criticism. In fact, the episode (which served as the midseason finale) felt like the perfect episode of The Walking Dead. It was, without a doubt, the best episode since the show started airing back in October 2010.

The reason for that is the perfect blend of character development and zombies. While most of the episode centered upon the characters and their growing tensions, the lurking threat of the zombies in the barn perfectly accented that. When tensions came to a head and Shane asserted himself, he let the zombies loose from the barn, killing them but still ending the fragile peace that Rick had been struggling to create between the Atlanta survivors and Hershel. The fact that Sophia was one of the walkers in the barn was just icing on the cake. Read More...


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