The Walking Dead Sneak Peek: Rick and Shane Fight in Episode 2.08

When The Walking Dead returns in February with the midseason premiere "Nebraska," you can bet things aren't going to be pretty. After all, the midseason finale "Pretty Much Dead Already" ended with Shane leading the survivors in a massacre of the zombies in Hershel's barn. Hershel looked on in horror as his former family members and friends were shot down, and even Shane looked pretty uncomfortable as Rick had to step forward and dispatch a zombified Sophia, who had been in Hershel's barn as well.

AMC has unleashed a sneak peek from the upcoming episode, which airs in February. In the sneak peek, Hershel has gotten over his shell-shock as he declares that he wants Rick and the rest of his group (including a pretty scared-looking Glenn) off his land immediately. Rick blames Shane for this, and rightfully so: "I was handling it!" Rick tells his best friend. Read More...


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