Boardwalk Empire Review: Horvitz Takes Atlantic City

Wow! The final explosive scene of "Georgia Peaches" left me truly stunned.

For most of the show, I thought the entire episode was merely a way to transition to the finale, but the shocking death of a major character caught me off guard... in a good way. I love that the series can still be surprising even if we already anticipate the direction it may be going.

Jimmy's had a rough time as boss of Atlantic City, partially because of Nucky and partially because of his own lousy decisions. Despite Jimmy's violent responses to those who challenge his authority, he still folds under pressure from his so-called partners. Jimmy allows the worker's strike to be resolved with battery mostly because his father recovers his powers of speech just to insult Jimmy's manhood (an amusing scene). He also lets Luciano, Lansky and Capone call the shots when it comes to the bootlegging. As Chalky recounts the list of misfires under his tenure as boss, Jimmy doesn't even claim a single one as his own. Read More...


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