'Dexter' Recap: Bulls on Parade

'Dexter' Recap: Wrathful Bowls

On this week's episode of Dexter, Travis and Dexter work together to track down Gellar, Deb needs someone to tell her very obvious things to figure them out, and Quinn and Batista play a friendly game of "Punch Your Partner."

2LOT-git to Quit

Dexter is talking to Travis in the old church grabs an axe to break through his chains. The next tableau that Gellar is looking to complete is the "Bulls of Wrath." I keep hearing that as the "Bowels of Wrath," which is what happens every time I try to eat a Grande Meal from Taco Bell by myself. Travis is useless when it comes to information, so it's a good thing that Gellar put a very obvious "2LOT" on the bottom of the painting of the next tableau. Dexter also finds a business card from the University of Miami. I wonder if those are clues.



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