'The Walking Dead' Recap: A Barn Full of Secrets, Zombies

'The Walking Dead' Recap: A Barn Full of Secrets, Zombies

The Walking Dead's mid-season finale is soul-crushing yet satisfying. By the end Shane's finally snapped, Hershel's left powerless and Sophia's fate is revealed.


Nothing says "this isn't going to end well" than frightened survivors learning there's a zombie zoo next door. When Glenn unceremoniously breaks how Hershel's barn is chock-full of walkers no one takes the news well. Shane suggests his favorite solution to every problem: shoot it, leave it or both. Rick counters killing Hershel's nontraditional pets will also kill their chances of staying on the Greene Farm. Guess even when they're undead, murdering the wife and daughter of your host never makes a good impression.



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