HART OF DIXIE “The Pirate & the Practice” Review

HART OF DIXIE "The Pirate & the Practice" Season 1 Episode 9 – On Hart of Dixie this week we ran into a few different situations. First of all, Bluebell is looking more and more like Stars Hollow each day, and while I’m biased because I miss Rory and Lorelai like I knew them personally, I adore this feel in Hart of Dixie.

There’s always something going on in the town square and this week Zoe learns all about Planksgiving. It turns out that after Hurricane Katrina, Bluebell was in danger of being completely abandoned and wipedoff the map. Queue the amazing residents of the small town coming together and spinning a tale of friendly pirates, buried treasure, and more fish than the small town can eat – and you’ve got yourself a Bluebell tradition!

Zoe is a little skeptical at first about Planksgiving, especially because she’s preoccupied with getting her last 3 patients to reach her 30% of the practice. Never fear, Zoe succeeds and will remain practicing medicine in Bluebell. Hopefully for her sake she’ll become a little more aware of her surroundings. Instead of every week being a life lesson for Zoe, you’d think she’d start retaining some of the things that she’s learned about Bluebell and herself. Read More...



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