HOUSE “Perils of Paranoia” Review

HOUSE "Perils of Paranoia" Season 8 Episode 8 – House returned this week with it’s mid-season finale, "Perils of Paranoia". Our patient of the week, a lawyer peculiarly named Tommy, collapses in the courtroom complaining of a heart attack. Upon being admitted to good ol’ Princeton-Plainsboro, it’s quickly discovered that the guy has an arsenal of assault rifles hidden behind his bookcase. His reasoning for which is that he’s afraid that the collapse of society will bring about a massive riot that he will need to defend himself from, which leads Adams to think he’s paranoid. Park, however, disagrees with her, which leads to my biggest complaint with the episode: Doctor Park.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’ve been one of Park’s biggest supporters. I’ve relished her dry wit and deadpan delivery, and think that her independent and self-righteous attitude are two of her redeeming qualities. I’m not sure where the Dr. Park is from the first seven episodes, the one that punched her oldboss in the face and insisted on not taking any gifts from anybody. Now she seems so desperate for everybody to like her and respect her as a doctor, but I’m not quite sure why she really cares. It’s not like anybody on this team is particularly nice to each other, and they don’t spend all of their time paying each other compliments and saying "Good idea, Taub" or "I concur, Doctor Chase". Everybody on the team is snarky, sarcastic, and frankly pretty rude. Just because Chase and Adams wanted to be with Taub for one assignment, it doesn’t mean they hate you. Get over it, Park. You’re an adult. Read More....


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