BORED TO DEATH “Nothing I Can’t Handle By Running Away” Season Finale Review

BORED TO DEATH "Nothing I Can’t Handle By Running Away" Season 3 Episode 8 – The finale ofBored to Death picked up with last week’s shocking revelation that the sperm bank owner is Shamus’sJonathan’s dad and father to all of the children whose parents used the services of the sperm bank to conceive. This of course also includes Jonathan’s new lover, who he now realizes is also his half-sister.

George is also faced with a few shocking revelations shortly after reconciling with his daughter. Not only is she eloping with her much older fiancé, this is actually her second marriage. Interestingly, her first marriage took place during her S&M phase. Shortly thereafter, George reveals to Josephine that his relationships are like crimes in which he steals love from women. It was nice to see these two still together.

Unsurprisingly, Jonathan’s bio dad has crossed some shady characters in the course of doing business. Luckily for Jonathan he has two really great friends who keep him from becoming collateral damage in his bio dad’s shady business. Jonathan’s time at the shooting range has really paid off as he revealed himself to be quite the sharpshooter. Read More...


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