Once Upon a Time Episode 6 Promo: David Must Choose Between Mary Margaret & Kathryn

This week's episode of Once Upon a Time featured the story of Jiminy Cricket in the fairytale world.  As it turns out, he used to be a regular boy, albeit one with thieving and conning parents.  As their only child, a human Jiminy used to put on puppet shows with his parents while stealing from the crowd, or selling "elf tonic" to unsuspecting townspeople.  His parents continuously guilted him into staying in the "family business", when all he wanted to do was be a free and honest man.  After delivering some goods to Rumpelstilskin, the magic man offered Jiminy a potion to give to his parents, one that would let him be free.

Unfortunately, Rumpel's potion got mixed up with the fake "elf tonic" and a husband and wife drank it instead, and become wooden puppets themselves.  Now their son has become an orphan who would grow up to become Geppetto.  A fairy eventually granted Jiminy's wish to become a cricket who would go on to help Geppetto through the trials in his life. Read More...



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