Hell on Wheels Recap: Who Are You?

After three episodes of meeting the characters in the Hell on Wheels universe, we finally got to see them all in the same mud-caked town this week, manipulating each other, falling in love, and telling creepy stories about hacking bodies apart. More important, we saw some layers in what previously seemed like a batch of one-dimensional clichés. Bohannon isn't the superhero he pretends to be; Durant isn't as in control as he'd like others to think; Elam isn't as unrepentantly grumpy as he lets on; and Reverend Cole isn't as righteous as his flock of one believes.

The train starts rolling with Bohannon, who's still on the hunt for Harper, the Union sergeant who killed his wife and is now working on the railroad's logging crew. Bloodthirsty vengeance seeker that he is, Bohannon accuses the first logger he sees of being Harper. He’s not. Or at least that’s what he says. So Bohannon rides off to find another face to stick his gun in. Instead, he finds a guy on a horse. The guy shoots at him, Bohannon shoots back, the guy takes out Bohannon's horse and rides away. Bohannon is left to put a bullet in his horse's head and walk back to camp. Thankfully, we don't have to watch either. Read More...



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