The Walking Dead Recap: Finder’s Fee

Okay, lots to discuss with this one, obviously, and I’ve been going back and forth on whether I should talk about the ending first … which I loved … or the 40 minutes that came before that ending which was, you know, this show, but I guess it makes the most sense to start from the top.

We begin with the gang eating breakfast in their camp. Carol is there, and Daryl and Carl and also this other guy, whose name is just a letter, T-something, he’s there, too, although I guess he’s really shy because he hardly says a word the whole episode. Lori is playing with Grimes’s hair and staring at him like she can see inside his tortured soul, and I think we’re supposed to find them cute but, in the same way that there was no turning back for Shane once he shot Otis, I’ve passed a real point of no return with these two as a couple. Then Dale nods at Glenn and Glenn nods at Dale before telling everyone about the zombies in the barn. Which, naturally, leads to the first bit of stompy drama of the day. Read More...


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