THE BIGGEST LOSER Season 12 Episode 11 Review

The Biggest Loser Season 12, Episode 11 – It’s makeover week on The Biggest Loser ranch! My hope for this week is that Antone and his holier than thou castmates will get a personality makeover and realize that other contestants (read: John) should not be crucified for playing the game! Wishful thinking I’m sure.

The episode kicks off with a familiar challenge in which the players are forced to carry the weight they’ve lost on campus during a race. The first player to shed all of their weight and reach the finish line gets a one pound advantage. Sunny really wants it and admittedly, I don’t want her to get it because she’s still holding a grudge from last week. I know, I know, pot meet kettle – I’m still holding a grudge from last week. The players should get some joy from the fact that as the person who has lost the most weight on campus so far, John will have a difficult road ahead of him today. Read More...


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