GLEE “I Kissed a Girl” Review

GLEE "I Kissed a Girl" Season 3 Episode 7 – Finally! Something actually happened on Glee that wasn’t just a re-telling of something that happened before! I could kiss "I Kissed a Girl" just for that.

Election day arrived, not only for the seniors of McKinley High, but the voters of Ohio. Long story short, Kurt’s chances of winning would have been better if Rachel hadn’t stuffed the ballot box in his favor, but at one Hummell was victorious when Burt beat out Sue for a shot at Washington DC. Looks like the artsin Ohio are safe…at least until Sue comes up with another scheme to destroy them. Which will probably be next week.

Oh, Rachel. The girl tries so hard to mold the world into the musical that I believe is constantly playing in her mind, but life (even the crazy life of Glee-land) is not a Broadway show (trust me, I learned this painful lesson years ago) and cheating gets you expelled and banned from competition, even if you had a really, really, really good (and only partially self-serving) reason for doing it. Read More....


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