RIZZOLI & ISLES “Can I Get a Witness?” Review

RIZZOLI & ISLES "Can I Get a Witness?" Season 2 Episode 11 – This episode starts well after a murder has happened. It’s now the day before a witness is going to testify that a big time gang leader was the one who pulled the trigger. When the man is killed before he gets a chance to make it on to the stand, everyone turns to Korsak to produce a CI who has vital information about the crime and their only shot to put the creep away.

When Korsak drags his feet, coming up with every excuse in the book as to why he can’t produce his CI, everyone assumes that he made the person up. I have to say that this surprised me a bit. I know that Korsak is a tough cop, but I’ve never gotten the impression he was dishonest and I was having a heck of a time believing he would do something like invent a witness just to put away a bad guy. Read More...



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