Durarara!! Season 1 Episode 3 Review: Rampant Evil

Episode 3 of Durarara!! starts up on Simon who you'll remember works out front of the Russian owned sushi restaraunt handing out flyers. Two girls speaking Russian ask him for directions, and though initially afraid of him, they come to realize he's a gentle giant quickly. Simon acts as this episode's narrator and the focus slides back to school where in Mikado's class, class representatives are being elected. Only one girl volunteers for one of the positions, Anri Sonohara, the girl who tried to keep Seiji from leaving before, and she is left to find a partner for the job. She asks if anyone else wants to volunteer, and a long awkward pause draws out until Mikado locks eyes with her and steps up to help. Everyone's surprised the new kid would volunteer, and Masaomi teases Mikado for volunteering just to be around Anri, but Mikado ignores it for the most part.

Masaomi gets the idea that they should go find some girls and drags Mikado around while futilly flirting with girls either unintersted or already involved with someone. Some of the girls simply ignore Masaomi and talk about another girl who's dating a member of the Dollars gang. While this does little to dampen Masaomi's spirits, Mikado becomes focused on learning what he can about the Dollars and when they pair meet up with Masaomi's friends from the first episode, he's told not to worry about it. At the same time, Anri is looking for a girl and ends up cornered by a group of older gals wearing enough makeup to keep Revlon in buisness for years to come. Masaomi and Mikado come upon this and stand aside until Yoko, one of the girls, calls on her boyfriend, an apparent Dollars member, to join in on dealing with Anri.

Mikado decides to do something, simply slip in, grab Anri and slide away cooly, but from out of nowhere Nakura shows up and decides to help by walking Mikado over and shoving him between the girls in a clumsy fashion to cut the tension and draw attention to himself. The girls write Nakura off as an old man, but Nakura retaliates by cutting one girl's purse strap, then stomping her cell phone before becoming quickly bored of it, all this is done however without him seemingly moving. The girl's boyfriend steps up next and takes a wild swing at Nakura, but is easily sidestepped and finds his head has been shaven almost perfectly bald by Nakura who again seemed to not even move.

The group thanks Nakura who we learn is really named Izaya Orihara (why they did this trick with the name in the other episode I assume is all some grand play of his, though I will start refering to him as Izaya from here on in) and the same guy Masaomi warned Mikado about in episode one. Also it's revealed that Masaomi's knowledge of Izaya is more personal than expected as the two have some kind of history, though it's not gone into much depth as Orihara is suddenly smashed in the head by a projectile garbage bin! Orihara gets up and spots his attacker, Shizuo Heiwajima, the OTHER guy Mikado was warned about, who Izaya refers to as รข€œShizzy.

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