House Review: En Garde

I could only look to the title of tonight's episode, "Perils of Paranoia" to even try and muster up a guess as to what tonight's House was really about.  I'll take a stab with the theme of "breaking out of one's comfort zone."

Let's start with Foreman, just to get him out of the way.  Congrats, House writers and producers for giving Foreman a storyline.  Granted, it's another storyline in a series of storylines that don't make women look so great, but so what?  He's got more screen time!  And a hot skinny former America's Next Top Model runner-up as a girlfriend!  I'll attempt to give the series the benefit of the doubt here and say that Foreman is definitely stepping out of his comfort zone to date/sleep with this married woman.  And that for Foreman, maybe that's a step in a positive direction.  He's not exactly the riskiest of guys on the show anymore, which is how he earned his "Boreman" nickname. Read More...


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