'Terra Nova' Recap: The Skye is Falling

'Terra Nova' Recap: The Skye is Falling

On this week's episode of Terra Nova, Taylor goes in search of his son's carvings and gets a bit more than he bargained for. This leaves Jim in charge as Commander of Terra Nova with the responsibility of finding the mole. I have a weird gut feeling that the mole is a large, brawny man.

New Protocols

Taylor is planning on having a nice afternoon walk and maybe enjoy a quiet picnic reading Ulysses under a giant tree. Sure he says he is going to look for Lucas, but I see through his lies. Before he leaves, he is told by some lowly serf-like soldier that he isn't allowed to leave unless he gets approval by Taylor according to new rules in place to find the spy. What an intelligent army you have there, Commander Taylor. He lets Jim know that he will be acting commander and heads outside of the gates. Taylor goes to the falls and is found by a gun-wielding Mira who takes him prisoner.



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