Recap: 'Terra Nova' - 'Now You See Me'

There’s little to really redeem "Terra Nova" at this point. In a few weeks, this season will end, and unless it does incredible numbers overseas in foreign markets, this will be all we’ll see of this series. And I’m not sure too many will bemoan the loss of this show once it goes. Sure, there have been hints of an interesting show here and there. But each time a spark of interest ignites, along comes a moppet and her pet dinosaur to remind you during "Now You See Me" just how weak the stakes are in this show.

Between the large info dump last week and this week, we now have a clear sense of the long-term story of this show: there’s a war brewing between forces in the future and forces in the distant past, and only one side will prevail. Original? Hardly. Enough to base a show upon? Sure. But here’s tonight’s study question, one that I’ve been asking on nearly a weekly basis: what on earth do the Shannons have to do with any of this? Why did "Terra Nova" decide to make them the emotional fulcrum upon which this show supposedly pivots? There’s enough here to potentially make this show at least competent, if not outright great. But the Shannons constantly drag the show down, both through their mawkish attitudes but also their lack of connection to the central narrative. These are people to whom things happen. They have little to no agency in their superstructure. Read More...


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