Recap: 'The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' - 'Adrienne's Fashion Show'

Oh, yay, it's time to dwell on all the boring minutiae of Pandora's wedding. You know, I didn't like this stuff when I was getting married, and just because it's pukingly expensive here doesn't make it any less annoying. We watch Lisa and Pandora fawn over their gorgeous wedding invitations ($15,000! That's a NEW CAR for some people. Not a car Lisa would be caught dead in, but a car nonetheless). Fawning and seemingly useless wedding planner Kevin Lee endlessly chirps "million dollar wedding" and "fabulous" like a brain-damaged parakeet while Pandora and Lisa sample ridiculous drinks (it's infused vodka! And nitrogen! And martini glasses made out of the skulls of a rare and practically extinct species of mountain goat! It's fabulous!) While Lisa isn't entirely sold on the cocktails, Giggy gobbles up some of the food, so at least the catering gets a thumbs up. Kevin Lee, of course, thinks it's fabulous.

Finally, it's time for gossip. Pandora is not thrilled that Taylor and the rest of Lisa's frenemies will be attending the wedding. Pandora, crazy girl, does not want a battle at her wedding. This may be the first reasonable request Pandora has made since she got a ring on her finger. But Lisa assures Pandora everything will be fine… probably.  If I were Pandora, I'd burn those pretty invitations and elope. Read More...


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