Bored to Death Recap: To the Raymobile!

So much for wrapping things up neatly on what might be Bored to Death’s final season. In this episode’s final scene, George is dancing with his daughter, having begrudgingly accepted her wedding to Bernard, Ray is swaying with that old woman he met earlier, and Jonathan is making out with his sister Rose. See, he was just about to tell her that they’re more Luke/Leia than Han/Leia (despite Jonathan’s seemingly magical ability with a gun), but he’s just too happy in the relationship to end it. "We all have our thing," Ray says — or something to that effect — and I guess Jonathan has found his thing, and that thing is incest?

I dunno. This whole incest plotline has left a bad taste in my mouth; it feels far too dark for Bored to Death, normally a show that finds levity even in gangster beatings and senseless murdering — and in the case of last night, even parental disappointment. I suppose there had to be something to ground the fantasy action star scenes in which Jonathan found himself starring. Read More...


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