Enlightened Recap: Occupy Abaddonn

This program arose from two things: Mike White’s interest in telling a story about a mental breakdown, inspired by his own experience, and Laura Dern’s interest in telling a story about activism, inspired by the 2008 Obama campaign. That the United States in the fall of 2011 has also been the setting for an activist movement on a scale not seen in many, many moons means that Dern’s idea makes even more sense and is suddenly more embraceable. Plus, White and Dern are melding their visions in a way that is actually working. This eighth episode deals with activism the most, and abandons the obnoxious and catty and self-righteous aspects of having a cause, like those witnessed during Krista’s baby shower a few episodes back.

Amy’s display about WAA then was out of control, because no one wants someone else’s cause shoved in their face, especially in a setting like that. And yet a certain amount of push is required for people to realize that a cause is worth doing something about, either for someone else’s benefit or for their own. There’s a time and a place: that was the lesson last time, and now Amy seems a little more clear on what’s needed to make other people get involved. But still, not completely clear. For her, the time is now. Read More...



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