Bored To Death: 3.08 “Nothing I Can’t Handle By Running Away.”

When we last left Bored To Death, it was revealed to Jonathan by the owner of the sperm bank/his father that the girl he had just slept with, Rose, was his sister.

We are thrust immediately back to the aquarium where Jonathan and his Dad, Bergeron, were talking in the last scene of episode seven. Bergeron reveals some of his family traits in a really amusing opening salvo that results in Jonathan believing his Dad to be a major disappointment.

"Are you even Jewish or a member of Mensa?" "I'm Black Irish, and I'm a member of Triple A."

Ray has been hit hard after his separation from Leah, and he seeks solace in his son Spencer, while George is reveling in repairing his fractured relationship with his daughter, Emily, and her future husband Bernard, and they prepare for the duos wedding the next day.

Jonathan continues to dismiss his relationship with Rose and after reconnecting with Bergeron, the pair are then suddenly kidnapped by a group of Brooklyn toughs who lock Jonathan up in the basement of the Brooklyn Wonderland Baseball park while Bergeron collects the cash he owes them. Read More...


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