Bones Sneak Peeks: Booth Gets Upsetting News in Episode 7.04

In this week's new episode of Bones, David Boreanaz delivers a terrific performance.  Booth's grandfather returns to deliver some unexpected news and sets off a chain of emotional events that resonates throughout the episode.  I'm not ashamed to say that Boreanaz's performance in the last few moments of the episode actually made me cry.  Booth's emotional journey in the episode also gave Brennan the opportunity to connect with him and prompt him to discuss his feelings.  She may occasionally be unintentionally callous, but Brennan redeems herself in episodes such as this.  In addition, Ralph Waite is understated and terrific as Booth's grandfather, also giving an emotional performance that feeds off of Boreanaz's character.  The two of them are wonderful together.

The case of the week in the December 1 Bones centers around a dismembered body, which is found in a "dead letter" office of the USPS.  The body is eventually tracked back to a Ship 'n Print store and the team discovers he was a former employee.  Several other employees at the store recently won the lottery, which presents a big motive for murder.  Also, when the team discovers that one of the lottery winners/employees was having an affair with the victim right under her husband's nose, the case gets even more complicated. Read More...


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