Boardwalk Empire 2.10 "Georgia Peaches" Review

Boardwalk Empire season 2 keeps dripping toward its finale with Sunday’s "Georgia Peaches," which sees Jimmy Darmody struggling to take control of his new empire as Nucky's Irish liquor floods the town, Chalky White's labor strike continues, and Margaret faces the harsh reality of Emily's polio.  "Georgia Peaches" fires the opening salvos of what's sure to be an epic Boardwalk Empire finale, but one wonders if certain plot threads might have to wait until next year.

Boy, Sunday really was a night for heartbreaking TV, wasn’t it?  If it wasn’t the shocking conclusion of The Walking Dead’s mid-season finale "Pretty Much Dead Already," or the pathetically predictable twist of Dexter’s "Get Gellar," and now poor Angela Darmody?  Likely one of the most innocent of Boardwalk Empire’s characters beside the children (ignoring her extramarital affairs, but let’s just say sexuality in the early 20th century wasn’t quite as smooth sailing), Angela Darmody deserved death the least.  Then again, "Georgia Peaches" makes a point of chaos beyond our control, and some people are just in the wrong place at the wrong time.  Or at least married to the wrong people. Read More...


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