'Ringer' Recap: Halfway Done

After a little break, Ringer comes roaring back to give us one last taste of over-the-top drama before leaving us again for the holidays. Why are you so cruel Ringer? Why do you tease us so? We need you here to stay! On this week's episode, Bridget and Malcolm have to track down Charlie to save Gemma. All of this adventure really starts to put a strain on "Siobhan" and Andrew's anniversary.

Reunited and It Feels So Good

Bridget asks Malcolm over the phone if he was able to find the fun inside of Charlie's. Malcolm says no, but he did find a cell phone. Malcolm neglects to mention that he is terrible at kicking open locked doors, but I would probably leave that little detail out too.

Bridget gets home and finds rose pedals all over the floor. Before she can call in a maid to clean up the mess, she finds Andrew sitting on the couch with his shirt already unbuttoned. A bit presumptuous, no? It turns out that it is their sixth anniversary. Bridget gives Andrew the gift of actually saying "I love you" (and seemingly meaning it!) followed by the intercourse. Good job everybody.



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