NEW GIRL “Bells” Review

NEW GIRL "Bells" Season 1 Episode 7 – There is only one rule of comedy. You can be racist and sexist and homophobic and anti-semetic etc as you want, but you have to be funny. The only limit to comedy is humor and not that this was a terribly offensive episode of television (it was a little racist but we’ll ignore that for the sake of…well, just ’cause) but it was disappoiningly humorless. Last week I thought the show had reached a new high – I thought maybe, at last, the writers are finally gelling and figuring out the tone of the show. Maybe this episode aired out of its original order, because it was certainly a step back fromlast week’s Turkey dish.

The writers seemed to realize that the only defining characteristic Winston had was that he’s the black guy who replaced Coach (still, sadly, my favorite character on the show) and he played basketball in Latvia. For one episode he seemed to be completely unaware of the cultural state of the US (because there is, apparently, no internet in Latvia) but that hasn’t really been mentioned before. This week we learned that he hates his temp job and has a knack with bells. Read More...


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